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I am a versatile, experienced professional active in the areas of customer support and software testing.  In the course of my career I have worn many hats, from assisting in the software development process by finding errors, to supporting live customers in using design tools, to helping students learn about language use and structure, to providing excellent customer service in the retail and food industry.  I have other competencies:

  • I taught a meditative form of Qigong,
  • I brought literacy and engaged learning to library patrons,
  • and collaborated with developers to investigate problem scenarios.
  Recently I have volunteered on an open-source developement project called Pharo, where I write functional tests and interact with the community to learn about the fundamentals of the environment.


A common theme in all of these roles is working with people.  From being on multi-disciplinary teams to working one-on-one with individuals, I enjoy listening, thinking creatively, providing active assistance, and communicating my knowledge and experience in a way that assures the best outcome for the job at hand.

This website is meant to convey a little about my background and interests.  I hope you may enjoy what you find here as much as I enjoyed working on it.