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Pharo Programming Environment and Language
Currently I am participating in the Pharo project as a part-time tester in my free time.  I am working in the area of Strings, ByteStrings and Symbols.  I am using a test coverage evaluation tool called Hapao that analyzes whether particular methods have tests associated with them.  It provides a graphical representation of the complexity of the method, and a calculation of the percentage of tests covered. 
My job is to provide an independent view of the product to help the developers understand the current risks of release.  The Pharo development project is international and Agile-based.  This means there are frequent releases to keep up with, so it is necessary to continually integrate my work with the current development version.  In terms of test design, I am mostly doing grey-box testing, but also some exploratory testing and fault injection to intentionally introduce faults and see whether the software handles them gracefully.  I write unit tests using SUnit, which a testing framework for the Smalltalk programming language.
I am also exploring another open-source project, the Seaside web application development framework.  I am learning about how to programmatically generate HTML code in an object-oriented environment.